Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

During 2010 I plan to celebrate each of the 50 states on the anniversary of the date that it entered the union. I am also including Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. The fun will start on January 2, which Georgia's anniversary. It entered the union in 1788.

For each state I plan to read one book that takes place in that state; watch one movie that is set there; and try at least one food that is typical to that place. Since the anniversaries are not spaced evenly throughout the year I will do my best with keeping up with the reading. I may, in some cases, just discuss books that I read previously, if I remember them well enough. Cooking will also wax and wane depending on how far apart celebrations are, and to what extent I have an emotional attachement to a particular state. States I have lived in, or those where I have especially fond memories will get some special attention. In some cases more than one state celebrates its anniversary on the same day. In these cases I will either celebrate one the day before, or the day after, or try a "two-for" depending on the circumstances.

This table of dates tells when I will be celebrating each.

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