Monday, June 21, 2010

Tri-State meal

We were on vacation the past two weeks - a trip down the east coast to Charleston, South Carolina which I will blog about later this week - and did not get a chance to have our Arkansas or West Virginia meals. Since today is New Hampshire Day, we supped on delicacies from all three states this evening.

Turkeys and rice are staples of Arkansas agriculture. (I had no idea that rice was grown in the United States.) For our main course this evening I made turkey burgers with a side of rice. These were not just any plain old turkey burgers, either. I found a recipe from the "Eat Turkey" website for Apple Turkey Burgers that turned ground turkey into a truly gourmet experience. Grated Granny Smith Apple added to the turkey before cooking, and a cranberry sauce topping gave these a combination of tart and sweet that may have me never going back. See the rest of the Arkansas post here.

Blackberry Cobbler made in our indespensible cast-iron skillet was a delicious West Virginia dessert. I cut the sugar by about 1/3 of the amount called for in the recipe. The fruit made this plenty sweet. See the rest of the West Virginia post here.

In December James, Paloma and I visited Bridgewater, New Hampshire  where we bought some wine from the Candia Vineyards. We saved a bottle of Diamond white wine for just this occasion. This is a crisp, tart, satisfying wine that went down very well with the turkey burgers. See the rest of the New Hampshire post here.

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  1. Good use of "supped" and good employment of cross-blogging. And good dinner, too!