Thursday, June 2, 2022

Celebrating the States, NPR Style

A dozen years after our project, we learned that NPR editors have replicated the books part of our project. We learned of the Book Picks for 50 States (and then some) from an interview on All Things Considered (embedded below).

Image: Jeannie Phan for NPR

The NPR staff cast their net more widely, consulting librarians and poets laureate among many others. So we look forward to exploring the list, which of course includes books that were not available when we did this project in 2010. (See Pam's Happy New Year post for more details on what this is all about. She uses "I" because it was her idea and she did do most of the writing and selecting.)
The highlights we heard in this radio piece include many books by indigenous writers, which should be particularly interesting. 

The "and beyond" piece in the title indicates that -- as with our 2010 project -- they included both the 50 states and two places that would be states if Mitch McConnell were not so afraid of their voters: DC & PR. 

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